Saturday, June 17: Spanish Residential School

Spanish Residential School. Sorry, I just had to repeat it because that was a real experience. We had to search long and hard to find this place. I decided to make an additional post for Saturday about this experience because it was so, incredibly, friggin powerful. 


Saturday, June 17: Part 1

Today, I acknowledge that we traveled through treaty Manitoulin Island Treaty, treaty 45, 94, and 61, are residing in Treaty 61 tonight. We spent just under 24 hours in Wikwemikong unceded territory, traveled through Whitefish River and Serpent River reserves. I acknowledge my white privilege and the bias this creates throughout my time on these First Nations lands and thereafter.

Friday, June 16

Today, I acknowledge that we traveled through treaty 45, 72, and Manitoulin Island Treaty and are residing in Unceded Wikwemikong territory. We traveled through and spent a half a day in each of M’Chigeeng and Wikwemikong First Nations reserves, both of whom kindly gave us permission to visit. I acknowledge my white privilege which impacts my experiences and provides a bias viewpoint. 

Thursday, June 15th

On Thursday, June 15th, I acknowledge that we traveled through treaty 13, 19, 18, 45, and are residing in treaty 72. I acknowledge that the following is bias by my white privilege and is not intended to replace the stories and experiences of Indigenous people. In addition, this is my interpretation, which may be incorrect. Please feel free to correct where you see fit!

What are Treaties?

What the heck is a treaty anyways? Why is it important? Im not Indigenous. I wasn’t around during the signing. . . Well guess what?! I live in Treaty 13, a land that I am exercising my treaty right every day. Canada would not exist without treaties. There has been a long, tireless effort on the behalf of Indigenous people to maintain or regain rights. For Canada 150, why not let your hair down and learn, acknowledge, and discuss the treaty land and Indigenous rights. You might just learn and appreciate the ease to which you reside on Indigenous land.

Why Travel by Treaty?

In efforts to create a wicked commute from Toronto to Winnipeg I thought that it would be extremely eye-opening to travel by treaty; travel with learning; travel in a unique way and hopefully inspire others to do so to. Travel by treaty 2017 is set up to travel through treaties, as opposed to provinces. I hope to learn about each treaty we go through, and share it with you. We (my partner, Evan, and I) have sought permission to visit several communities along route to learn about them as well (we have emailed over 25 communities). And, we will be visiting some of the sites/repurposed residential schools along the way.